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The Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is a symbol of a man’s eternal love for his bride-to-be so of course he wants it to be special and have meaning. Here are some tips to help you choose that special ring: Establish your budget When a guy goes to shop for an engagement ring, those salespeople come into play (and of course [...]

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How diamonds are enhanced – the techniques for diamond enhancement

Diamond Clarity Enhancement is done to take a lower clarity grade natural diamond up to a much higher (sometimes near flawless) clarity grade. Diamonds are enhanced using a special technique and unique precision equipment. To enhance a diamond we first have to cut and polish it, determine its base clarity grade and only then the [...]

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Enhanced Diamonds – What Are They?

When thinking of diamonds most of us think in terms of clarity, cut, carat, the way it sparkles and of course – the price or worth of this precious stone. It’s hard to imagine, sometimes, that this precious gemstone, the hallmark of luxury, is really a mineral (carbon) compressed and heated over millions of years [...]

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