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Enhanced Diamonds – What Are They?

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When thinking of diamonds most of us think in terms of clarity, cut, carat, the way it sparkles and of course – the price or worth of this precious stone. It’s hard to imagine, sometimes, that this precious gemstone, the hallmark of luxury, is really a mineral (carbon) compressed and heated over millions of years in the heart of the earth until it changes on a molecular level to create this amazing thing, The Diamond, we love so much. Clarity Enhanced diamonds are really natural diamonds, which have undergone a special treatment to make them even more clean and perfect. As such they look just like (and most of the time even better than) non enhanced diamonds, but cost a lot less. On average up to 70% savings! A win-win deal for anyone on the market for that perfect diamond.

Diamond Clarity

You see, not all diamonds were created equal and when you think of the process mother nature goes through to produce a diamond, well… it’s easy to see why perfect natural diamonds are so rare and so expensive. Still when you buy a diamond for yourself or for someone else as a personal gift, or if you are a jeweler looking for diamonds to set in your artisan creations, you want them to be nothing short than perfect. And you are right! Diamonds need to be flawless. But in fact, almost every natural diamond has some internal inclusions (natural residue of carbon or other minerals) which are commonly referred to as “flaws” or “Inclusions”. Diamond Clarity grade is a measure used to determine just how clear or flawed a natural diamond is. It ranges from VVS (Very Very Slightly included), the highest clarity grade, all the way to I (Included) which is the lowest clarity grade.

Diamond Enhancement

Today, we have the technology to treat such diamonds and remove these so-called flaws to create a genuine, perfect and flawless diamond by cleaning and removing the inclusions in a way that leaves no traces or marks. The result – a flawless (clarity enhanced) diamond, at an affordable price. Enhancement of a diamond starts after it has been cut and polished and then inspected carefully to determine the starting clarity grade. The special technique for enhancement does not damage or change any other feature or trait of the diamond, except the clarity. Clarity Enhanced diamonds are still rare to find because diamond enhancement requires special knowledge and expensive equipment and only a handful of experts actually engage in enhancing diamonds. It’s worth looking for enhanced diamonds because you can get a lot more value for your money and still enjoy that shiny luxurious “best friend”.

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