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The Perfect Engagement Ring

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The engagement ring is a symbol of a man’s eternal love for his bride-to-be so of course he wants it to be special and have meaning.

Here are some tips to help you choose that special ring:

Establish your budget

When a guy goes to shop for an engagement ring, those salespeople come into play (and of course they are paid commission on the sale) and unfortunately make the guy think that this token of his love is tied to how much money he will spend. So before you set one toe in that store, decide what you will (and can afford) to spend. There is a standard rule that the ring should equal two month’s salary; however, this was a rule created by the diamond industry. It’s a good place to start; however, you need to determine what is right for you.

Details, get the details

Pay special attention to what your bride-to-be is wearing jewelry-wise on a daily basis so you can find a ring that compliments her well. You will

Unique engagement ringwant to have a stone shape in mind as well (round, pear, marquis, heart, oval, princess, etc). Have a setting in mind as well. A simple solitaire is the most common; however filigree, side stones and other details can be added as well. There are also gold choices.

Get more bang for your buck

Let’s face it, a two month salary ring is not in the budget for everyone so you can ask for a few things that will maximize your dollars. Ask for a stone with more surface area-it won’t sparkle as much; though it will look bigger. Ask for stones that are a bit smaller than the next whole size up such as .7 instead of 1. The tiniest differences can add up to big savings for a thrifty groom.

The buddy system

Going to a jewelry store alone can be overwhelming with the choices that await you. If possible, bring along your bride-to-be’s mother or best friend to help choose.

Bring your sweetheart with you

Sure, you will lose that surprise factor but on the other hand, she will get the ring that she likes.

Quality over quantity

While the national chain jewelers are fine, those little mom and pop jewelers do much better as they are local and chances are, do not do mass market advertising. Just be sure where you choose to shop is a reputable store or outlet.

Plan ahead

Chances are that you might not be able to walk right out of the store with the ring in hand. You may have to save up for it or, if you are having custom work done to the ring, it may take a few weeks before it is finished.

In writing, please

You want to make sure you have an independent diamond-grading report from a reputable diamond grading laboratory. Such as GIA, IGL, HRD and some others. This report should have the 4 c’s of color, clarity, cut and carat as well as the shape and size and do not forget the gem insurance. For example. IGL Laboratories will state the Insurance Replacement Value in the Grading certificate. And this brings great value to the customer.

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