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The Importance of Diamond Certification

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Whether you are buying a diamond or selling one, it is important to have the diamond valued and graded by a Third Party Independent Diamond Grading Laboratory. Such as GIA, IGL, HRD and some others. Besides, you would not want a doctor with no license to perform surgery so why would you want to buy or sell a diamond that did not have a Certification?

Why buy certified diamonds?

Having Certification for a diamond is essential. This certification insures that your gem is given the highest market value. This certificate grades the 4C’s of the diamond. The 4C’s are color, cut, clarity and carat size. This certificate also grades other essential features. GIA diamond certificationThis certificate is the standard in the diamond and gemstone industry and carries a lot of weight with other jewelers worldwide. Having a Diamond Laboratory Grading report gives you reassurance and peace of mind that your diamonds have been given the best possible examination.

IGL diamond certificationHaving a diamond certification helps determine the value and selling price of the diamond. The certification tells you if the diamond is the highest quality or of a lesser variety.

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