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The Natural Diamonds Poem

Posted by Superlight Diamonds on

n the heart of the earth, they lie, Precious stones that catch the eye, Diamonds pure and bright as day, A treasure for those who pay.

When you choose a natural gem, You're taking home a true friend, A piece of nature, formed with care, A beauty that you'll always wear.

The sparkle and the shine they bring, Is a testament to nature's bling, A symbol of love, forever true, A reminder of the bond between me and you.

With every facet, every cut, You feel a sense of being in a rut, A shimmering glow, that never fades, A reflection of the promise we've made.

So let us cherish, these gifts of earth, And give them the love and care they're worth, For every diamond, every stone, Has a story to tell, of love and home.

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