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About Carat

One of the four Cs of diamonds will be Carat. This may be a little easier to understand as the weight, or Carat Weight. Basically, in the case of loose diamonds, the weight of the diamond will be referred to as the Carat. The higher the carat (Weight), the more rare the diamond is, and in turn- the more expensive and the larger the diamond . When you choose from loose diamonds, it is vital that you consider all four of the Cs, which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. In order to know how to choose the right Carat for the diamond you will want to choose, you need to understand how it is measured and how it affects the cost. Here is everything that you need to know about carat weight.

To begin with, you will need to understand how the Gemologists Association of America. The GIA breaks up one carat of the diamond into 100 increments. This way, the carat weight can be broken down into specific levels. For example, a 0.50 Carat diamond will weigh 50 of the 100 points. The higher the number of points that are included in the diamond, the more it will weigh, the larger it will be and the more expensive it will cost. Using our Reductive navigation you will find it really easy to browse our diamond selection in accordance to the following Carat Ranges:

0.01 To 0.05 Carats , 0.06 To 0.15 Carats , 0.16 To 0.28 Carats , 0.16 To 0.29 Carats , 0.29 To 0.45 Carats , 0.46 To 0.69 Carats , 0.70 To 0.99 Carats , 1.00 To 1.49 Carats , 1.50 To 1.99 Carats , 2.00 To 2.99 Carats . We normally do not carry larger than 3 Carat Diamonds for sale on our website. But we will be happy to accommodate and special requests for such larger stones through one of our worldwide diamond offices.

If you are choosing a loose diamond for an engagement ring, choosing the carat weight should depend on the type of setting you will be using. For example, if you are creating a diamond solitaire engagement ring, you will want to choose at least 1 Carat preferably. If the setting will include accent diamonds , then you could choose a smaller carat weight without taking away from the overall beauty of the ring. For earrings and necklaces, you may wish to choose a smaller Carat Weight (Around 0.29 To 0.45 Carats , or even 0.46 To 0.69 Carats .

If you are shopping for loose diamonds on a budget, your first instinct may be to choose a smaller carat weight, but you will certainly not want to choose something too small or you will end up with a ring that looks cheap. Instead, if you combine different levels of carat weight, color and clarity, you should be able to get a nice sized loose diamond without having to break the bank.

By understanding everything about carat weight, you will be one step closer to choosing just the perfect loose diamond. Be sure to consider the type of jewelry you are using the diamond for and consider your budget so that you can choose the right carat for a striking piece of Jewelry.