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One of the main components of choosing the right diamond will be to choose the right shape. There are several shapes that are considered to be standard for loose diamonds and they provide you with different looks and completely different settings whether they are included in rings, earrings, or pendants. Before you can choose the right diamond, you will need to determine which shape you prefer. Here are the basics about eight different diamond shapes that you could choose:


Generally thought of as the most common shape, the round cut diamond is the shape most popular for engagement rings. Round cut diamonds generally have a great deal of sparkle due to the number of facets included in them. These diamonds are also a favored shape for earrings or Accent Stones .


Another very popular option for engagement rings, the Princess Cut Diamond is multifaceted and includes a square shape. The Princess Cut Diamond can include a number of facets, ranging from just under 50 to well over 100, which will have a direct effect on the sparkle of the stone.


Similar to the Asscher cut, the Emerald shaped Diamond will include the same step style facets. The main difference is that the emerald shape will be rectangular instead of square. The emerald shape is often referred to as the step cut.


Well known for being a historic shape, the Marquise Cut Diamond is very unique in looks. With an overall oval shape, the marquise cut diamond includes distinctly pointed ends. Facets are cut in a hexagon style to create a distinct sparkle.


This Cushion Cut Diamond includes a square or rectangular shape that has softly rounded sides. The most interesting thing about the cushion or pillow shape is that the facets are large and distinct, which will create a bright sparkle.


The Oval Cut Diamond shape is very similar to the round cut but it includes an elongated shape. In many engagement rings, the oval cut will be a part of a three stone setting.


The Pear Shaped Diamond is a mixture between the marquise shape and the oval shape. It in many ways resembles a Teardrop . Generally, the pear diamond shape is usually used for earrings or pendants and sometimes even in rings.

Other, less well known shapes for loose diamonds would include Radiant , Trilliant (Triangle) , and Heart Shape Diamonds. These beautiful shapes have their own factors of beauty as well.

By learning about these diamond shapes, you will be better prepared to view loose diamonds and determine which shape is perfect for the jewelry that you are designing or purchasing.